Message from the SPL

Posted on Mar 14 2023 - 2:54pm

Greetings troop,

I understand last meeting was not super positive but I would like to remind everyone that I am incredibly proud of the progress of both the individual scout and the troop. I loved seeing some of our scouts play happy birthday on their instruments. We must all keep our enthusiasm high so that we can improve our skills. I want to thank everyone for their hard work in and out of the meetings. Y’all have supported me as SPL and I simply wish to help support our troop.

Scout Sunday - March 19 *** WE NEED SCOUTS TO REPRESENT

Posted on Mar 13 2023 - 9:12pm

What: Scout Sunday
When: Sunday, March 19
Where: Mt. Zion Sanctuary

We have a need for scouts to represent Troop 795 on Sunday, March 19th at Mt. Zion UMC for their special "Scout Sunday" services. Please sign up using link if you are able to attend. We are hoping to have a good turnout to show the church our appreciation for 50 years of their support.

Shooting Camp Out - March 10 - 12 *** WE NEED DRIVERS

Posted on Mar 7 2023 - 9:19pm

What: Shooting Camp Out
When: March 10 - 12 ( be at the Lodge prior to 5:45. Sooner if possible so we can pack)
Where: Woodruff

We have 23 scouts signed up to go on the shooting campout at Woodruff Scout Ranch this weekend. With this large turnout, we need drivers to assist with transportation on Friday night and Sunday morning. Please contact Doug Carey at dougcarey.ra@gmail.com if you are able to help.

OA Induction - May 5 - 7

Posted on Mar 6 2023 - 9:38pm

The next OA induction is May 5 thru May 7 at Woodruff. Contact your OA rep for details.

Birthday Song at next meeting - March 13

Posted on Mar 6 2023 - 9:27pm

Bring your musical instruments next Monday for the "Birthday Song" meeting. We had two scouts bring their musical intruments last meeting but we need more.

Pine Straw - Delivery Day March 4

Posted on Feb 27 2023 - 9:24pm

It is pine straw time again. This is our big fundraiser that provides the money we need to keep going, and is a ALL HANDS ON DECK situation. We need everyone there to help.

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